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Shenyang Introduction

The Equipment Manufacturing Base of China

Shenyang is a traditional industrial base emphatically constructed in our country . It has formed an industrial system complete with all necessary departments, giving priority to mechanical processing, embracing automobile, petrochemical industry, aviation, pharmacy, building materials, metallurgy, light industry, textile, electronic industry, coal industry , and so on .Shenyang always enjoys the fame as “Equipping department of the P.R.C.”, its scale of equipment manufacturing industry is grand with solid foundation and relatively strong capability of forming a complete set .Forty-four among 77 types of equipment products manufactured in Shenyang are topmost in China in terms of technical level and market share. Especially, Shenyang is well-known all over the country and famous worldwide in the production capacity of machine tool , complete set of high-voltage equipment for power transmission and transformation , heavy-duty mining and metallurgical equipment ,non-ferrous metal smelting equipment , ancillary machine for large-sized motor, complete set of petrochemical engineering equipment , complete set of large-sized cement production equipment, complete set of large-sized sewage treatment equipment, large-sized equipment for superhighway construction, and so on.

China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition

The 5th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition will be held at Shenyang International Exhibition Center on August 29-September 2,2006. The focal point of this exposition is to promote the revitalization of Northeastern traditional industrial base and its opening to the outside world, it will amply give scope to the important function of “under-taking the transfer of global manufacturing industry”, it will try its best in serving the development of equipment manufacturing industry nationwide and will focus on reflecting the up-to-date achievements obtained by equipment manufacturing industry in China and the whole world .The exposition will provide space for enterprises at home and abroad to display their strength and seek cooperation. The exposition will be a grand assembly for international equipment manufacturing industry to display products, trade and order goods, discuss academic issues, negotiate investments and cooperate in technology. It has become an exposition full of business opportunities for internationally famous brands.

Shenyang Chemical
Industrial Park

China Robot Manufacturing Base Automobile industry of Shenyang
Automobile industry of Shenyang NC machine tool production
Large-scale transformer
assembly workshop
Large-scal electric machine
fitting shop
Large-scale equipment
processing workshop
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
"Made in Shenyang" "Number one"in China
The first set of 200,000 KVA transformer
The first set of underwater robot
The first unit of universal miller
The first jet aircraft

The first set of NP-1 photoelectric spectrometer
The first set of field-ion microscope---atomic probe

The largest T1500 vertical turbine molecular pump in China
The first set of 5-meter laser leading screw dynamic measuring instrument
The first set of automatic jack-up tower crane for use in construction
The first anti-HIV drug independently developed through approval to be sold domestically—AZT.
The first set of independently developed body CT scanning machine
The first set of device annually producing10,000 tons of PVC pasty resin
The first set of 5000W CO2 laser processor
Subsonic wind tunnel device with the highest air speed in China
The first set of 0.5 million volt high voltage disconnecting switch
The largest water pump test base in China
The first set of 0.5 million volt sulfur hexafluoride enclosed composite electrical apparatus
The first set of independently developed SS-8540 open top-end NC system.
The first set of car with independent IPR-Zhonghua Car


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